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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve countdown to success

Wow, they are happy Thierry Henry's leaving on loan

Mere hours from now, Dick Clark will descend on Manhattan's Times Square riding a fully armed crystal ball where he will fight an army of Mayan warriors bent on destroying the world. Or something to that effect.
Yes, 2012 is upon us and while many fear that it is the year that marks the end of civilization, most TFC supporters just hope that it is the year that marks the end of futility. After waiting for what seems like an eternity, signs are pointing to the 2012 Season (aka SIXual Healing) being a memorable one. Anyways, don't remember the Mayans carving any MLS tables into stone tablets. Pfft... Mayans... how many World Cups did they win?
As the big ball sets to drop, we thought we'd count down from ten with things that would help usher in a new age of prosperity at BMO Field or at the very least a 2012 playoff berth. But... if there are any defenders in the Mayan SuperLiga looking for a job, give us a call...
10! READY BY MARCH: The days of Mo Johnston signing players during the warm-ups of the opening match has to be over as well as dozens of transfers into July. TFC needs a 95% completed roster before the first game of the season
9! DE-FENCE: A Harden / Iro combo on opening day is simply unacceptable. A solid D is imperative and while we hope to see Richard Eckersley's return, if it's not to be then the rumours of Geovanny Caicedo, Victor Turcios, Krzysztof Krol and others need to be real
8! STEADY DE KOEF: We don't need flashy, we don't need highlight reel - we just need goals. Danny Koevermans needs to continue where he ended 2011 - for the whole season. TFC has yet to have a truly reliable striker over a full year - De Koef needs to be it
7! DE GOODZ-MAN: If it happens, the sceptics will crow that it's because he's in the final year of his bloated contract - but, Julian de Guzman needs to have his absolute best season in MLS. He was better once Torsten Frings arrived but needs a year of sustained quality for his and the team's sake
6! BIGGIE SMALLS: First he needs to be re-signed but then Joao Plata will have to work hard to avoid the sophomore jinx. Other clubs will be more prepared for him and La MosQuito will have to work hard to be TFC's second strike option
5! # 1 AND ONLY: While having two solid keepers is great - Aron Winter will need to have a clear # 1 out of Milos Kocic and Stefan Frei to foster a solid presence in the back. Sadly it could mean one of them moving on
4! THINK OF THE CHILDREN: While this year is a priority, everyone knows that Winter & Co's vision is long-term. The sudden departure of Academy Director Stuart Neely left a big void and the right man (i.e. not Earl Cochrane) needs to be hired soon
3! BRING THE NOISE: Most supporters noticed that 2011 was lacking in atmosphere at BMO Field. Once the hallmark in MLS for noise, BMO has been surpassed by a number of other grounds and their support. The club needs to work with, not against, supporter "culture" while the fans must also come together to re-energize that 2007 spirit
2! TORSTEN IN THE MIDDLE: Der Kapitän was pushed to the centre of defence as an emergency measure late in 2011 but to get the most out of Torsten Frings' abundant talent he need to be able to play in his naturally talismanic role in the centre of the park. While we understand him being forced to cover "Hard-iro" last year, it is a waste of his ability to be the team's engine in the middle
1! SAVE THE DRAMA: For the first time ever - TFC needs to get through a year without any dramatic disruptions. No coaching changes, contract disputes, money-grubbing by the owners or dare we say it... Mayan upheavals. A year to concentrate on football - win, lose or draw - so that at the end of 2012 we can look back at our first fully successful season. Or at least say "it's not the end of the world"


  1. I wouldn't worry about the Mayans too much. They thought that their civilization lived on the back of a giant alligator.

  2. May your new year best wishes echo back to every Yorkie. Whatever team we see on the field this year (and I share your general positive outlook on every topic other than the JDG one) ,reading the Yorkies is one of the things that make TFC fandom a joy. Countdown to the first significant signing starts now!

  3. @ stillkicking...
    Thanks so much for the kind words and continued support! All the best in 2012 to you and yours.

    @ Possumus...
    Can this giant alligator play in the centre of defence?

  4. I wonder if De Guzman will be given permission by the club to find a new, longer term deal in Europe during this winter transfer window (just like he was given the same opportunity during this past summer transfer period). The club could use the cap room.