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Monday, December 12, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Ways that TFC will be different under Bell and Rogers

"Ugh, my iPhone is stuck on the UNHOLY setting"

The dust has settled over Bay Street since Friday's dramatic announcement that Bell and Rogers were buying major shares of Maple Leaf Sports and "Entertainment". A few things became evident by watching the glad-handing press conference: Bell and Rogers may be in bed over this deal - but they do not enjoy each other's company; the deal is 99% about getting corporate boxes at Leafs games; and, TFC are the equivalent of "the player to be named later" in the deal. Our beloved Reds were indeed little more than an asterix during the presser, with Larry Tanenbaum even having to be reminded of the name of the league's trophy. In fairness "MLS Cup" is pretty difficult to remember. Despite TFC not being the jewel of the MLSE crown, the ownership change will bring inevitable changes to BMO Field....
11. Referees' whistle replaced with Rogers' "Da-da-dum-dum" noise
10. Chip Buttys now available on the iPhone
9. TFC supporters legally allowed to mock Whitecaps fans that "we own 37.5% of your shirts"
8. Bob de Klerk constantly haranguing fans over the benefits of Fibre Optic Internet service
7. Sportsnet and TSN anchors to bare-knuckle box during halftime
6. TFC's Front Office replaced by Indian call centre
5. Jim Brennan comes to your house to install your PVR
4. Extra Time to be anytime during 9AM and 5PM
3. Ty Harden to be dealt for spool of coaxial cable
2. BMO Field security allowed to "bundle your package"
1. Soolsma On Demand

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