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Monday, March 12, 2012

THE STARTING 11: Things Los Angeles fans will throw at Toronto FC players

Would have been a more appropriate brand Toronto

Despite last Wednesday night's crowd at SkyDome creating a banner night for North American football, only one annoying aspect of the evening caught the world media's eye. Instead of 47,000 attending a CONCACAF Champions League match being the story, a foolishly tossed can of beer landing in the general vicinity of the world's most famous footballer grabbed headlines. Pictures of David Beckham giving Alexander Keith's some free advertising beamed around the world the next day and no doubt grabbed the attention of Los Angeles supporters. If the capped attendance at Home Depot Center does try to exact some tossed revenge against our Reds - what can we expect to shower upon The Reds on corners?
11. Ruthless fashion critiques
10. Their agent's number
9. Chad Barrett
8. Rolled up Victoria Beckham skinny jeans
7. Salmon sashimi... but not good salmon sashimi
6. A fully recyclable can of fair trade, carbon-neutral, microbrewed, 100-Mile certified, reforested-barrel-aged, Napa Valley vintage ale
5. Bizarre taunts about stealing Rick Moranis from us
4. Hurtful giggles about our lack of tan
3. A half-eaten Fois Gras Butty
2. 100% cashmere streamers
1. The deafening roar of 5,000 apathetic Californians

Honey, I Shrunk the Crowd

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