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Friday, March 9, 2012

There is no Spoon...

"I'm Neo... who's Geo?"

If only Toronto FC scouts had watched The Matrix on the flight down to Ecuador to watch Geovanny "The Spoon" Caicedo. "Do not try to bend The Spoon — that's impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth: there is no Spoon" is a famous line from the sci-fi film inspired by Mo Johnston's 5 years of management. Today that line became truth as The Reds announced that the club and their new defender Caicedo had mutually parted ways, taking TFC's bally-hooed off-season defensive depth with him.
Caicedo has been publicly expressing his difficulty adapting to the North American game, in particular the crashing and banging style. Strange for a man as hulking as the 6 foot 2 Ecuadorian international. The club hinted at personal issues as well in explanation for a bad loss to squad depth as the season is set to begin. So, as the season begins, the back four's only new face will be the talented Miguel Aceval but the rub is that he will have to be partnered with the limited Ty Harden or a very raw choice between Aaron Maund or Doneil Henry until Adrian Cann is 100% healthy. It seems unlikely that a replacement will be found before the summer transfer window.
On top of being a tremendous disappointment to the squad, take a moment to mourn the loss for bloggers today as we have lost a man with such a strange nickname. "The Spoon" immediately gave us a season's worth of puns that are now lost. There will be no "The Spoon dishes to Lambe on a Silva Plata", no "Spoonman" videos and a 70% loss to future Matrix references.
Now please bow your heads and join us in losing so many puns...

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