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Saturday, October 25, 2014

THE SOUTH COUCH REPORT - New England v Toronto... or just 90 more minutes until I can forget this mess...

Look at that. Seattle just won the supporters shield. Hard to believe that they've only been in the league for 14 years.  It would be embarassing if they had only been around for, say, 6 seasons. 

I love the notion of sitting at home and jealously pining over the other clubs in the league. I just want to taste success.  Not because being a day-one season ticket holder, but because it's been long enough.  Far too long.

Aside from tearing open a wound that has yet to heal, it was nice to see supporters celebrating something other than beating Columbus or pizza for a row. 

I'm looking to enjoy this match and the best way to ensure that is to see Lee Nguyen smash a brace, Fagundez bag one, and see Sea-Green Bunbury get sent off for something trivial.  And also to see more unnecessary cliches from Vanney.  Wouldn't be a tradition without it.

Onto the "match":

9' - Gilberto nearly bags a classic as Oduro crosses one in from out of bounds (gridlines) and scissors one that richochets off the crossbar.

17' - Lovitz takes a cross, marauds into the box and lets a good shot fly, stopped by the keeper. Adventurous. I like.

36' - GOAL - Nguyen bags one on a clear off-side through ball and now the traditional 'red shirts circling the ref' moment of the game. Nice goal, but it shouldn't happen.

60' - YELLOW - Morrow gets booked for something.  Probably fair and level headed.

61' - Nguyen is subbed off. No more of that bullshit-MVP-magician crap he's been pulling for the last few months.  Surprised the league lets him gets away with it. 

62' - SUB - Speaking of magician-crap, lesser wizard Luke Moore comes on for Lovitz.

69' - This near penalty is brought to you by The Caldwell Arms Bar & Grill. This week's special - wings.

71' - SUB - Warner comes on for Creavalle.  Good thing you're going for the win and have the goal scorer from last week... you know what? Who cares... #concede

74' - Moore with a nice header, forcing Shuttleworth to push it over his own crossbar

90' - SUB - Oduro comes off for Weideman

2 minutes of extra time and then this shit is over


Player Ratings : Bendik D/C, Bloom D/C, Caldwell D/C, Henry D/C, Morrow D/C, Bekker D/C, Bradley D/C, Warner D/C [Creavalle  D/C], Orduro D/C [Weideman 8], Gilberto D/C,, Lovitz D/C [Moore D/C]

* D/C : Don't Care

@ignirtoq is relieved that this season can now have its plug pulled, and can be rid of himself of this team for a season.  If time heals all wounds, and talking opens them, it's only a matter of time before someone from TFC says something to remind him how much bullshit he's taken all season

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