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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Goofy display caps off Micky Mouse tournament

--------Too bad he's not Scottish or elderly, Mo would love him

Did the boys stay up too late on the rides at Disney World? Dizzy from the Tea Cups? At least those reasons wouldn't fill TFC supporters with the dread many of them are feeling at the moment. Yes, yes, we know, "it's only pre-season blah, blah, blah" and while that is true, it doesn't excuse all faults. Especially not a 4-0 effort-free drubbing at the hands of the very team who ended our season 5-0. But that was last season right? This is a new year - big changes! Sure.

Yes, in the final match of the Walt Disney World Annual Pro Soccer Superstar # 1 Extravaganza Don't Mention The Strike Trophy, TFC were whipped by New York Red Bulls and their old nemesis Juan Pablo Angel. While the Colombian supremo did his thing, Mo Johnston's Travelling Roadshow answered with a defence that must have still been in line at Space Mountain. It's not as if the offence was much better but TFC can't score unless our most prolific striker, Ugandan trialist Vincent "That's Why I'm Easy" Kayizzi, gets on the scoresheet. No, that's not frightening at all.

Toronto will leave Disney World with their cartoon tails between their legs and very little to show from a month's worth of training camp. A few brief glimpses of trialist fun against NCAA teams and MLS B-Squads but when faced with something closer to a full MLS line-up like this evening, same old story. And again yes, perhaps too early to get our mouse ears in a knot but there are two words which Mo Johnston has forced upon friendly line-ups that will no doubt appear in the not too distant opening day: NICK. GARCIA. Count on it.

One last Disney reference? Oh okay, you twisted my arm, but you have to sing (to the tune of Small World)... "It's a crap team after all. It's a crap team after all. It's a crap team after all." (BIG FINISH! You in the back) "It's a crap team - after all!" Well done.

But not you Johnston. Dumbo.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that it was a bad omen, but maybe we fans are being a touch fragile. Nothing would please us more than a clear sign that the Giants Stadium drubbing is something that the team has moved beyond, but ok they haven't. It is possible that NYRB is a team that is on the rise again. It is possible that Mo is on his last legs. It is possible that TFC are going nowhere fast.. it is possible that I am just trying to write a comment that has no Disney references.