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Thursday, February 4, 2010

THE WORD: Adrian Serioux not re-signed for 2010 - opposing strikers heard giggling

-------------------Is it really the end for The Predator?

Scarborough FC may be without a major piece in 2010. News coming out of yesterday's training camp/ media day was that TFC will not be renewing the contract of tough defender Adrian Serioux. There are duelling reasons floating around the rumour mill that is BMO Field but many suggest that the hard nosed Scarberian/ Predator look-alike has racked up one injury too many.

Depending on the source, Serioux could have a badly damaged elbow or possibly a career-threatening neck injury. Either way, a TFC back four without Serioux is an extraordinarily weak prospect. It is very possible that after all of Mo Johnston's "marvellous" and copious deals, TFC could line up on opening day with Nick "The Human Own-Goal" Garcia in the backline. Wynne-Attakora-Garcia-Brennan is a defence that will absolutely bleed goals and boot loose balls into the stands on every occasion.

But not to worry - right? It's training camp and hope springs eternal! That is unless you look at what Mo Johnston has brought in to bolster one of the league's worst defences. As of this moment that would be... NOBODY! Yes we've got trialists coming out the wazoo but which one to choose from? Oh the choices are so great! Do you want the Scottish cast-off with a dodgy ticker, the wild tempered homesick Egyptian or the Portuguese long ago-maestro who is missing one of his knees?

Think that Mo will swing a last minute deal for a quality defender with future first round picks? Think again - his mismanagement of the salary cap has left TFC unable to bring in a proven player unless major funds are released (i.e. dumping Carl Robinson) and the salary cap is increased in a new CBA. If only there was a way to keep Serioux and ditch Johnston, at least that would keep the rapidly diminishing glimmer of 2010 hope alive. And it's only day two.


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