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Monday, May 23, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Other TFC donut flavours

Sadly "The Ali Gerba Dip" didn't make the cut

Happy Victoria Day! As Canadians enjoy their first long weekend of the summer and celebrate what American soap actress Victoria Principal did for this country, many will crack open a big box of our national dish - the donut. From the Cod Fritters of Newfoundland to the Marijuana Glazed of BC, Hosers love their fried dough - especially the Tim Hortons type. The venerable donut dealer is a Canadian institution and this week, released a special "Toronto FC" donut in some of their GTA locations. We had to wonder though - if the TFC donut was a hit, would it lead to more Reds-inspired flavours?
11. Jacob Peterson's Old Fashioned Amish Plain Donut
10. WalNutCan Crunch
9. The MoNut (Discontinued September 2010)
8. Fritter Away a Lead
7. The MLSE Iced 5-Year Plan with Hopeful Sprinkles
6. Boston Cream Butty
5. Adrian Cann's Really, Really Good Looking Cruller
4. Collin Samuel Eats 7 of your Dozen Donuts
3. $9 Dollar Carlsberg Dip
2. JoaoBits
1. The Dutchie Philosophy

Happy Victoria Day!

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