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Monday, November 21, 2011

THE STARTING 11: Other Beckham effects

Jeez, get a room

There are still a few negative types out there in North American football who claim that David Beckham's five-year affair with Major League Soccer was a failure. Long before he raised the MLS Cup last night - this simply wasn't the case. Did he play his best football with LA Galaxy, far from it. But, is the league a markedly stronger one as his star fades from Carson, California? Definitely. While Goldenballs brought many very visible positives to MLS' image, not everything about his time on our continent made headlines...
11. Sexy silhouette of Bruce Arena added to his tattoo collection
10. Helped heal broken Los Angeles sports fan's hearts after the departure of Luc Robitaille
9. Resisted temptation to name baby girl "Homedepotcenter"
8. Turned down opportunity to buy MLS club New England after name change to "David Beckham's Revolution Pour Homme" was rejected
7. Galaxy's training gear long replaced by exotic matching sarongs
6. Whenever Man United visits the USA, Sir Alex Ferguson invited to drop by and throw hairdryer at Landon Donovan
5. Victoria always allowed to spray her fragrance over Columbus before away matches to Crew
4. Got Chad Barrett to believe in himself as "The Wayne Rooney of the southern Los Angeles suburban regions"
3. Successfully blocked California adult film producers from releasing XXX video "Boned It Like Beckham"
2. L.A. street gangs have replaced coloured bandanas with thin, European headbands
1. Totally got Don Garber into skinny jeans

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