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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reds mint midfielder Lambe

 A Lambe in Reds' clothing

Not baaaaad! Sorry, we promise that is one of the last couple of dozen lamb jokes we make... today. All for good reason though, as Toronto FC officially announced their first new recruit for 2012 today - tricky, young midfielder Reggie Lambe.
The 20-year old Bermudian international has been flirting with the English Championship since signing with Ipswich Town's youth program in 2009 - two years after his international debut with Bermuda at 16. Lambe is known for his agility and creativity but will need to disprove the usual naysayers who will point to his small frame in relation to the rough and tumble MLS.
After being cut loose by Ipswich earlier this year, Lambe appeared on Paul Mariner's radar - one that has quite a reach into the Caribbean football community. For Aron Winter, Lambe may prove to be a versatile addition to the roster who can fill in on the wing and sometimes in the centre of the park. "We are very happy to add a young and talented player like Reggie Lambe" said the Dutch Head Coach who then sadly failed to add "Lambe will have to show us his chops".
Up next... a special report - "Bermudian Midfielders: Masters of The Triangle Offence"
We already love you Reggie.... from a purely pun-related place.


  1. from a pun related place...I am giddy right now.


  2. Us too Duncan! Best player (pun stats only) since Mikael Yourassowsky.

    Wish we would have kept the "Goat of the Match" option in our post-match reports though.

  3. as usual I'm hoping for more than I think I should expect.

  4. A mint of a player.......

  5. Bet you he has a good leg......