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Friday, July 4, 2014

THE MATCHUP: Taxi for Luis


We admit it. Sometimes during these stretches of the season where the matches come thick and heavy, time gets the best of us and our hard-hitting, award-winning* journalism suffers. But not to fear fellow Eff Cee supporters, thanks to the internet machine we have sourced some quality scouting reports about D.C. and laced it with our own award-winning** facts and statistics.

Here then (via Wikipedia) is the plot outline of Hollywood blockbuster "D.C. Cab" with important TFC information added for your match preview requirements...

Naive but good natured young man Luis Silva arrives in Washington, D.C. with plans to work for Ben Olsen, manager of the run-down District of Columbia (D.C.) Cab Company. Aware of the sorry state of his business and from the competition from the popular Nationals Cab Company and Wizards Cars, Olsen wants to clean it up, as well as build a new home, but doesn't have the financial means to do so. Complicating matters is the motley group of cab drivers that he has working for him. They all see driving as a dead end job while they wait for better lives in the Western Conference, until Luis inspires them to work as a team.

A valuable Open Cup Trophy is found in one of the cabs earning Olsen and his wife a $10,000 reward as owners of the cab. Olsen wants to share the money with the drivers and let them invest in the cab company as partners. However, his greedy wife Kevindra Payne picks up the reward money and tosses Olsen and Luis' belongings out of the house and tells them to "get used to it". The cabbies are not happy about losing their share of the reward, and Luis decides to donate $6,063 of his own allocation money to the cab company and convinces the drivers to stay and make something of the company and themselves. The cabbies completely overhaul the entire business and the revitalized company soon supplants Nationals Cab as the most popular in the city.

Later on, the cabbies work together to rescue Luis and a Washington Diplomat's two children after they're kidnapped. The movie ends with a parade in DC Cab's honor. And then a late goal against Toronto FC to snatch a draw.

*No actual certified awards
** "Participant"Awards made by family count, right?

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