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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

THE SOUTH COUCH REPORT : Chicago v Toronto... or Watching It In Case There Is Another Fight

The weather is perfect tonight.  The  new digs have a theatre in the basement and [Stop bragging.  ~Ed.] 

We kinda previewed this on the Vocal Minority Podcast.  So listen to it and absorb what I said.   Man this couch is so comfy [Seriously.  Stop bragging.  ~Ed.] 

Chicago hasn't exactly picked up where they left off.  Magee isn't lighting it up,  but ex-Robin Amarikwa somehow has. 

Looks like it's raining.  Bummer.  

Onto the match:
5' - I hope the Canadian teams are never offered kits with flag imprints in the numbers.  Unless it's with the civic flag.  That would be sweet. 

28' - RED - well that's a bit of crap.  Newly subbed out of my fantasy team Luke Moore goes up for a header with elbows up and clocks Ritter hard.  Replay showed no intent to injure. Yellow in my books but not a ref. 

41' -  I think I understand what Caldwell was doing with that diving header but it still was ugly and gave Amarikwa a half chance at net.  Nothing came of it. 

42' - GOAL - Defoe down the wing floats a ball into the box and finds an unmarked Jackson to head it down into the net.

45+2 - Caldwell takes a boot to the face from an Amarikwa bicycle kick attempt and gets a yellow. Inconsistent much ref? 

Half Time Mood : not too shabby being a man down. 

51' - Caldwell passes back to Bendik whose attempt to clear it shanks it behind himself for a corner. 

53' -  YELLOW - Caldwell keeps his arms out like an airplane to block a cross. 

54' -  ensuing free kick has Magee launch one that Bendik parries away. 

56' - GOAL - Shipp cuts into the box and fires which defects slightly off of Warner and Bendik gets a hand to it,  but not enough to prevent it going in.

72' -  Sumare offside as he pops it past Bendik. No goal. 

83' - Bendik bails out a great attempt from Chicago as the ball is played through low and Magee puts the slightest touch,  forcing a save from the redirected ball. 

86' -  so Oduro takes a mid air deliberate elbow to the head and that's only a yellow.  I see what's going on here... 

86' - SUB - Orr comes in for Osorio 

3 minutes of extra time

90+2' - Chicago corner sees Bendik punch it out.  Counter attack into the Fire half has Oduro launch a ball that the keeper just tips over for a Toronto corner.   Not bad effort. 

Full Time : CHICAGO 1, TORONTO 1

Man of the Match : Bendik was the difference between a point and no points

Goat of the Game : none. 

Ref Rating : 2 out of 5. take one off for the red, and one off for each of the non-reds for Chicago's dangerous challenges. 

I Am Not The Gaffer But... : maybe a sub earlier or at the end to run down the clock. 

If You PVR'd It : watch the red card at the 23rd minute,  then fast forward to the 40th and let it run.

Player Ratings : Bendik 7.5, Bloom 6.5, Caldwell 7, Hagglund 7, Morrow 6.5, Oduro 6, Warner 6, Osorio 6 [Orr N/A] , Jackson 6.5, Moore N/A, Defoe 6.5

1 comment:

  1. Osorio in the middle was not very influential. Needs to accept that his best role with this team is on the left, with Bradley and Warner manning in the middle. Could have used a possession based mid to aid with possession but in the crunch Nelly has no faith in Bekker.