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Sunday, July 27, 2014

THE SOUTH STAND REPORT : Toronto v Kansas City... Or this is gonna hurt bad, isn't it?

Typically these reports have a pinch of optimism.  Be it for Chad "The Chad" Barrett, Gilberto or even Nick Soolsma. It is a drive to find light in a perpetual shitstorm of regular performances.  And lately the reports have had equalish measure optimism and pessimism. I read that was "real journalism" somewhere.

But Sporting KC Wiz...  ugh.  I wish I had the patience to follow other sides closely to get a better understanding what makes them who they are, but Sporting KC Wiz seem to be relentless. Pick up underachieving and turn them into all-stars. amend then there's depth: Legoman Nielsen retires, and the new kid Gruenbaum is outstanding.  When RSL comes to town with injuries, I think "we got me!  3 points!".  Sporting Kansas City Wiz could show up with a B side and I'd be hopeful for a draw.

It'll all be over soon enough I suspect. As long as it doesn't rain.

8' - Oduro lays a pretty ball along the ground in front of goal but no one there.  Ensuing corner finds Hagglund's head but sails just over the bar.

16' - GOAL - Ball slotted through to find Jackson just on side, dances around Gruenbaum and buries it.

22' - well that was an 8 second flurry.  Gilberto gets hauled down 2 yards outside the box, no call. Toronto picks up the ball quickly and Oduro puts another pretty low ball onto a lunging Hagglund who rifles off the post.  While agonizing over the near goal,  Oduro still hands on head, misses the rebound as it's rolling just behind him.   A Vine would have been easier.

32' - YELLOW - Jackson gets booked for retaliation on a tackle, clearly testing out the double standard.

33' - Oduro slides it into the post.   That's two.

34' - YELLOW - Morrow gets booked for a challenge.  Gotta protect the camps I guess, right Unkle Ted?

44' - YELLOW - Oduro for something

45' - YELLOW - Henry for wearing red.

Half Time Mood : not too bad

47' - GOAL - Zusi left wide left of goal,  gets the ball and puts it past Bendik.
60' - Gilberto gets the ball on the right,  crosses to the opposite side to find Jackson whose first touch is right at Gruenbaum. Big rebound but no second attempt.

66' - Jackson should be on pace for a hat trick at this point as at the doorstep he pops the ball over the bar 2 yards out.

69'- inconsistent officiating as Oduro gets shirt tugged from behind.  Only a yellow.

72' - YELLOW - Bradley gets booked for a terrible non-call on Jackson and goes off on the idiot in Yellow.

80' - GOAL -  Goddamn Jacob Peterson

80' -  SUB -  Osorio in for Warner

82' -  SUB - DeRo in for Orr.  Guess we're going for it...

89' - Bradley has a go from the edge of the box and fires it just wide.

5 mins of extra time

90+2 - Oduro in a long cross can get his foot on it as it goes wide.


Man of the Match : Jackson had a helluva match.  Should've had a pile but to no avail.

Goat of the Game : Ted Unkle (see below)

Ref Rating : 1 out of 5.  Ted was terrible.  Like Toledo terrible.  He gets a 1 as someone on Kansas City earned a second yellow which is shocking all things considered. No one is ever going to confuse the level of officiating in this league for world class.

Kit Spotting : a couple of Olympiakos kits.

I Am Not The Gaffer But... : I'd get another forward for the bench.

If You PVR'd It : watch the first goal and then catch up to the first card to watch the embarrassment unfold.

I gotta give it up to Nelson, he went for it as soon as they went down one.  Converted to a 3-5-2 and all out attack.  Far from flawless execution but it is what it is.

Toronto earned a point and arguably the win. It was a shame that the ref had such an adverse effect on the game.  Sure Oduro and Jackson could have had their goals with the opportunities presented to the but it doesn't change how the ref's bias and inconsistent foul calling can mess with a teams head.  We were certain Nelson was at the very least going to be booked by the end of the match as he was losing his shit before the half.

I would like to know what the solution is for the officials' low quality of output.  I want the refs to have respect for their ability to call a match.  The officials formed a union to earn them better wages, which I'm all for.  Can the league not loan them out to other leagues?  Bundesliga 3 and we'll pay the refs for 2 months of training,  instruction and game experience?  Scotland division 1? Blue Square?  Anywhere?  The league needs to fix this.  Either import talent or export training.

Fun fact : you can get into the ground with a PDF on your smart phone. Confirmed it can be done.  Brilliant.

Player Ratings : Bendik 6.5, Hagglund 6.5, Orr 6 [De Rosario N/A], Henry 7, Morrow 6, Jackson 7, Warner 6 [Osorio N/A], Bradley 6, Oduro 7, Moore 6.5, Gilberto 6.5

@ignirtoq felt like he was on an emotional rollercoaster, between ticket drama, having KC on the ropes and the seeing Peterson bag the winner, so unfair.  To make it worse, there were plans afoot to debut some new kits of our own that would have surely got some dirty looks.  Maybe next season as they'll arrive on Monday.


  1. I always hesitate when watching the team on tv, but I feel something has snapped.
    4th home loss of the season AND losing to a Jacob Peterson goal - I put that on Nelsen. He is not demanding enough and we get these limp performances.
    Horrible ref - but Toronto FC gets all distracted by arguing instead of asserting. If Toronto was leading 8-1 they could laugh off most KC fouls in the second half. I don't see Jackson or Gilberto ever scoring a game winner in 2014, I think that Nelsen has created a cosy team atmosphere

    1. Peterson? You mean the guy who, along with Labrocca, by Deguzman apologists as the reason why Julian wasn't able to be star at TFC?

      Funny how both those guys are still in the league and seen as contributors on good MLS teams.

  2. too cosy to win big games (or home games).
    Oh and send Michael Bradley home for a four week holiday. He looks a shadow of his former self and Toronto FC needs a dominant midfielder. Bradley last night was a passenger...

    1. I was kinda on the fence about Bradley. I wasn't paying attention to him much, and when he was on the ball, little came of it. I've read from other comments much your same sentiments. Probably a bench could make him hungry again.