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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid-Term reports at Preki Jr. High

Wheels, Joey & Snake. Practically Preki, Mo & Brennan

When chart-topping Toronto band "The Zit Remedy" sang their hit song "Everybody Wants Something" - who knew it would be so fitting for Toronto FC? "Everybody wants something they'll never give up. Everybody wants something, they'll take your money - and never give up" - a true anthem for club owners MLSE.
The boys in "Zit Remedy" sung about all the major issues of the day - acne, teen pregnancy, Lucy's homemade t-shirts, all while dealing with their own tough lives which included... mid-terms! Much like life at DeGrassi Junior High, TFC's "students" have reached the halfway mark of the year but just what kind of report cards would Principal Predrag "Mr.Raditch" Radosavljevic be sending home to the boys' parents?
STEFAN FREI - "Star pupil. Holds the class together" A
JON CONWAY - "Scares classmates with his size" C
MILOS KOCIC - "Quiet. Has been on long field trip" N/A
NANA ATTAKORA - "A fine young man. Plays well with others" B +
NICK GARCIA - "Loses concentration. Eats paste" C -
DAN GARGAN - "Hard worker and reliable" B
ADRIAN CANN - "Solid despite public speaking voice" B
TY HARDEN - "So quiet we forget he's in class" C
MAXIM USANOV - "Must stop punching everything" C -
RAIVIS HSCANOVICS - "Hates man-marking and vowels" D +
JULIAN DE GUZMAN - "Not sure he wants to be here" C
FUAD IBRAHIM - "Runs. Little else" C
JOSEPH NANE - "Needs passing game... and pick a first name" C -
NICK LABROCCA - "Versatile. Face for a career in accounting" B
AMADOU SANYANG - "Kicks others. Flops on floor often" D +
MARTIN SARIC - "Rough and tumble with a clumsy temper" C +
GABE GALA - "Thinks highly of self. Sadly, the only one" C
DWAYNE DE ROSARIO - "The class valedictorian." A -
JACOB PETERSON - "He tries but hasn't shown much potential" C
CHAD BARRETT - "Improved. Must learn to use other foot" B -
MISTA - "New to class. Seems very knowledgeable" N/A
MAICON SANTOS - "Two great names. One good foot?" N/A
O'BRIEN WHITE - "Painfully slow. Time may be running out" D


  1. Why would Derosario get an A-. The dude is not that good and is a total ballhog. You guys are way to high on him. He is a B at best.

    - Red Devil Steve

  2. DeRo has been our best player this season. Our leading goal scorer and playmaker. He works his socks off every game. You can't doubt his work ethic.

  3. It's hard to disagree with this list except I think its too harsh on Sanyang and Ibrahim. But - I think Preki needs to start DeRo-Mista just behind Barrett-Santos as much as possible.

  4. face for a career in accounting lol its so true!

  5. de guz is much better then a C if you look at his positional play and his play making ability he is technically the smartest player on tfc. he is not here to score goals that not what he does he keeps the side organized in the back and is making the pass that creates the build up and creates opportunities for team mates

  6. @ anon 12:22

    I think you are right that he is better that a C in general but based on his "mid-term" perfomance, as I think is what is meant on this post, I'd have to agree with C. We are all waiting for him to be better than average as he can be.
    And @ "Red Devil Steve"- get your head out of your ass.

  7. Saric gets a D. When he's healthy and playing, he rarely sees the ball and is too slow in the tackle, hence earns fouls and yellows. But now he's nursing injuries. Even when healthy he wasn't beating out the D+ Sanyang, a guy who plays the ball like a live grenade at times.

  8. I think De Guzman and White deserve better. You were definitely dead on with DeRo and M.Santos

  9. Great to see some good debate on the ratings. To answer a few - I do think de Guzman should be much higher, just haven't seen him put out consistently enough; stand by De Ro and could have been a straight A really; Saric - maybe I was a little generous but team seems to play well with him despite his clumsy tackles; but OBW - at his age needs to start showing some improvement fast.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!