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Thursday, July 29, 2010

TFZ: Rude in Riga - Raivis uses vowel language!

"RSTLN - who do we appreciate?"

It's that time again - TFZ: The Totally Fake-Rumour Zone... the # 1 source for Toronto FC gossip with zero sources! When the hot gossip pops outta the toaster, we spread the fake butter all over it!
This week on TFZ...
- TFC's Latvian defender Raivis Hscanovics shocked Reds' supporters with a tell-all interview in the Riga, Latvia newspaper Dienas Kaposti un Atletika Jaunumi (Daily Cabbage & Sport News) where he claimed "Canadians are soft and far too reliant on using vowels". How ruud!
- Ex-Red (and ex-many clubs) Rohan Ricketts' new hip-hop single "Cross That Sh*t In Yo Box" has soared to number 23 on the Hungarian rap charts. Hot like paprika!
- The Toronto Transit Commission rejected an application to name the "Dufferin 29" bus route "The Lombardo Rocket" after its famous ex-rider, ex-TFC striker Andrea Lombardo
- The Toronto Transit Commission rejected an application to drive the "Dufferin 29" bus route from ex-TFC striker Andrea Lombardo
- Spanish striker Mista says his resemblance to Hollywood actor Sean Penn led to his locker room nickname at Deportivo La Coruna - "Harvey Milk". Umm... Ok!
- A local Toronto pet store employee claims that "Bitchy" the BMO Field hawk's handler went on a drunken seed rampage while yelling at customers "Don't you know who I am? I am Mr. F***ing Bitchy - bitches!" S-hawk-ing!
- Former Toronto FC and New Zealand International Jarrod Smith has hit out at his time with The Reds claiming "Toronto was 18 games worth of sheep-less misery". Baaa-d attitude!
- Looks like a well known chicken restaurant is getting in on the TFC promotion bandwagon by buying a supporter chant! The BMO Field "Massive" will soon have its words officially changed to: "Qu'est-ce que vous mangez?"... "Quarter Chicken Swiss Chalet!" Saucy!
If you've got any gems that a guy who knows a guy who dated Mo's maid told you... let us know in the comments below!
TFZ: Truth just scored an own-goal.

"The Lombardo Rocket"

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