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Monday, May 16, 2011

THE STARTING 11: TV promos for the Canadian Championship Finals

The Halftime show has t-shirts and everything!

We love us a bit of the old NutCan. While the Canadian Championship may be a far cry from England's FA Cup (we kind of lack the 755 other clubs), it is our national equivalent and has usually been good fun. 2011 saw a change to a knockout format which has led to an exciting two-leg final between the two "best" clubs - Toronto and Vancouver. Fans of these teams and Canadian footy fanatics in general are very excited about the final which starts this Wednesday but broadcasters are still struggling to attract more casual viewers. Could these catchy taglines be just the promotion needed to get more eyes on our NutCan?
11. "It’s like Europa League... with donuts!"
10. "Two clubs. One dream. Economy class to Nicaragua."
9. "Now with 50% more Lenarduzzi!"
8. "Teitur Thordarsen vs. Aron Winter press conferences: Where the English language goes to die"
7. "You will obey the wishes of Craig Forrest... or else!"
6. "For the love of Stan Smyl... please watch"
5. "Because darts has been pre-empted"
4. "The Canadian Champion: Like being FIFA's tallest midget"
3. Stay tuned for the halftime extravaganza: Former TFC managers in a musical tribute to "The Human Centipede"
2. "So much better than the Latvian Football Cup"
1. You can't spell "great" without "aggregate"!


  1. Can we see the bottom halve of that pic too?

  2. Nice pair of centipedes!!!!