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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: God hates Whitecaps... Now with 50% More Updates!

For those of you not currently prune-skinned from head to toe and looking for some type of NutCan post-match report... look out the window. With Vancouver up 1-0 and leading a flat Toronto FC comfortably, nature called and let her damp fury loose over BMO Field.

Late this evening, due to lightning, biblical rain and possibly the delayed Rapture, the NutCan Final 2nd Leg was abandoned and a full replay will be attempted tomorrow. We will aim to bring you a dry (moisture, not humour) recap whenever this match takes place.

Oh, and that Viking screaming heard in Toronto right now? Teitur Thordarson.

More on Earth vs. Vancouver Whitecaps here ...

UPDATE (MAY 26 - 930AM) - The match has been officially postponed after Parks Canada confirmed that schools of Lake Ontario trout have been found in front of both BMO Field goalmouths. Also, the search for Joao Plata amongst the 5 Foot 4 puddles has yet to be concluded - God speed "Santos' Little Helper".

Match to be replayed in its entirety on July 2nd (aka Canadian Boxing Day). Details here

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